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Technology for Social Good: The Role of Healthcare IT in Stemming the Opioid Epidemic

Written By: Kelly Buckman

It’s a scenario that is far too common these days. A well-meaning physician prescribes pain killers for a patient who has suffered an injury, with the expectation that the patient will only take the drug until their pain starts to subside. Too often, however, they continue to take the medication after the injury heals, and as a result, become addicted. When the patient can no longer obtain the prescription drug, the results may be catastrophic as in many cases, they turn to heroin or other opioid use, often fatally overdosing.

In fact, arguably the worst addiction crisis in American history, opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions over the past several years, as healthcare providers struggle to adapt practices to reduce the chances of a patient becoming dependent on these drugs. In 2016 alone, there were more than 42,000 overdose deaths from addiction to legal painkillers and illegal drugs like heroin, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prev…
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Why Investing in Marrakech, Morocco Is Worthwhile

Written By: Jacquelyn Annete García Vadnais

Morocco has been a country that has had a unique history that has attracted both expats and tourists from around the globe. Recently, there has been a trend to invest in real estate in Morocco. The reason for this is that Morocco has seen a great increase in tourism and desire to learn about Morocco’s fantastic culture. One of the aspects that makes Morocco incredible is the fact that Spanish, French, and Arabic are all spoken within the country due to its diverse history. In addition, due to Morocco’s close proximity to Spain, it shares many cultural and historical links to Southern Spain making it a very popular tourist destination to add on to a trip to Spain via ferry.

In terms ofwhere to invest in Morocco, Marrakech is suspected to have an increase in tourism, which has prompted residential apartments to become appealing investments with the surge of tourists wanting alternative accommodation options rather than traditional hotels. If y…

The Advantages of Investing in Real Estate in Belgrade, Serbia

Written By: Jacquelyn Annete García Vadnais

With Serbia’s upcoming application to the European Union in 2020, it has become a hot spot for real estate investors to consider. Aside from soon prospectively joining the European Union, Serbia has many potential areas where real estate investors stand to make substantial gains. One particular city in Serbia that is already gaining traction with real estate investment is the capital city of Belgrade. In order to understand more about why Belgrade, Serbia is a wise locale to invest in real estate, it is recommended to learn a little bit about the history, legal policies for investors, and the current economic and real estate environment in Belgrade.

Background of Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia has a distinct history that dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries when the Serbs first arrived in the Balkans. When the Serbs first settled in the Balkans until now, they have formed a border that connects the East and West. The Ottoman Empire came into pow…

The New Frontier: Virtual Reality and Healthcare IT

Written By: Kelly Buckman

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Virtual Reality’? Do you think of the next big thing in the world of gaming? Or maybe a way of relaxing and tuning out the hectic world of the 21st century? Beyond recreational use, perhaps you’re aware that VR is used by NASA scientists to simulate a walk on Mars to prepare astronauts for a possible landing, and by educators to educate parents and teachers about distracted driving and enhance cognitive learning. In fact, the market for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is projected to reach $160 billion by 2020. *

There is one use in particular for VR that has shown a lot of promise in recent years, namely, enhancing patient healthcare. In fact, the healthcare industry is finding virtual reality to be an effective tool for not only diagnostics, but also for treating patients, medical training, and patient education.

Diagnostics and Prevention

VR simulations use diagnostic images from CAT scans or ult…

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Located in Chisinau, Moldova

Written By: Jacquelyn Annete García Vadnais

In recent years, there has been a trend for investors to build extensive real estate portfolios around the globe. As more popular markets became oversaturated and too expensive for extensive real estate investment, real estate investors have targeted emerging markets as a viable real estate investment that has significant short-term benefits and long-term investment gains. In terms of investment prospects, it is wise to look at the entire picture when considering whether a respective property and/or market are the ideal fit for your real estate investment portfolio. One global market that has been experiencing a great deal of interest is Moldova. Particularly, Chisinau, Moldova is becoming a hot spot for real estate investors looking for significant returns. To learn more about why Chisinau, Moldova may potentially be the ideal fit for your next real estate investment, consider the information below. 
Background of Chisinau, Moldova  Chisinau i…

Beyond Bitcoin: The Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare Technology

Written By: Kelly Buckman

As we’ve seen time and again, many of the latest trends in Healthcare technology today come from the business sector, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data, to name just a few. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the newest up and coming advances in Healthcare IT involves a way of structuring data that has its roots in the digital currency market.

Best known for being the public ledger for all transactions in the Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) network, blockchain is a “distributed and a write-once-read only record of digital events in a chronological order that is shared in a peer-to-peer network”. [Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit. It is not issued by any central authority and is immune to government interference or manipulation.] Because it is a data structure that can be time-stamped and signed using a private key to prev…

The Future of Healthcare: Advances in Wearable Technology

Written By: Kelly Buckman
By now, we’re all familiar with fitness trackers and their value in helping us meet our goals of getting and staying healthy. In fact, the number of connected wearable devices is expected to climb from an estimated 325 million in 2016 to over 830 million in 2020. That’s an increase of nearly 40% for a device that is primarily used to help people get and stay healthy.*
It stands to reason that this technology would be adopted by hospitals and healthcare providers to improve the quality of care, although the ramifications of such usage are far reaching. One example of beneficial use of wearable technology is tracking bracelets worn by doctors, nurses, and patients that can help capture data on the amount of time a patient spent in the waiting room, or the time a doctor spent in front of a computer. The data collected can then be used to improve patient workflows or reduce wait time, which can lead to a direct cost reduction per payment.
Sharp Chula Vista Medical C…